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This project is about Collaborative Practices of Digitally Reaching Out (Co-PRODIGY): Exploring creative and participatory research methods for well-being in times of physical distancing.

The theme of developing, improving and deploying creative and participatory methods to engage people in research for well-being through digital means (‘reaching out’) as it is at the heart of research and design at Digital Life and partners has been revived by COVID. Due to COVID’s lack of opportunities for researchers, professionals and students to involve people physically and in close proximity, to interact with them, to visualize iteratively and to collect data together with them for desirable and responsible digital and creative innovation, the theme has become more relevant than ever.

All the research and design of Digital Life depends on (transparent) data collection, physical interaction and creative imagination of digital possibilities with, by and for people, mainly digitally, at a distance for the past eighteen months alone. The COVID pandemic is a communal experience that has permanently changed digital practices, users and professionals.

Even after COVID, the need will continue to arise to involve and connect people in our research and design, and to bridge distances for creative innovation and well-being, for example because they will not always be able to participate and interact physically for all kinds of reasons.

Knowledge sharing about the new situation and participatory methods of research and design are now necessary to support (welfare) needs of (vulnerable) groups in the digitizing society.

However, the current knowledge and methodologies for participatory and creative research are by no means all suitable for physical and digital use in this time and context, so that the following question is central to this project: ‘In what ways can we develop and deploy methods to study and subsequently promote well-being when physical proximity is complex?’


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New approaches for participation in digital society in distant times of COVID-19

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Behoeftes rondom (beweeg)activiteiten bij ouderen in tijden van Corona: Contextuele informatie inwinnen over behoeftes rondom bewegen, activiteiten en technologie bij ouderen met een co-creatieve toolkit op afstand

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